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Partnership  with Firepower Ministries is a commitment  to regurlarly support the ministry in prayer and financial support.  It is to help support the missions and work of the ministry to share with gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations and to help meet spiritual and practical needs of people all over the world.  I will be sharing below some of the mission and outreach efforts that we are doing and would appreciate your support to help advance this work in an even greater way.


Fire Power Ministries has missions projects that are increasing the knowledge of  Christ to areas that need to know of His love and grace.  I would like to discuss some of the missions that we are doing both in the U.S. and abroad


We have a Christian Resource Center in Bali, Cameroon which is a non denominational program that provides resources for all churches in the area and Pastors travel from different villages to come there for retreats. We have bibles, teaching materials, tapes and other resources from highly anointed  Men and Women of  God from all over the world and would appreciate your donations of the same as well. We have equiptment, videos, movies, sound, microphones, projectors, and amplifiers that are needed for crusades and evangelistic meetings.  Many of the Pastors in the area show movies and Christian videos at meetings and crusades.    Through the Christian Resource Center, we provide this equiptment for them to borrow at no cost


There are children  who became orphans because when they gave their lives to Christ, some of their families rejected them and kicked them out of the house.  Some lost parents to HIV and such and the grandparents could not provide for them, forcing them to live on the street.    We have taken those children in and provided them quality education and financial scholorships to further their studies.  This is a program that we have been running for eight years now and many of them have granduated and gone on to college and medical school.  We thank God.  For every one child that we reach, there are many more to be reached. We need your help.


We provide small  loans for local businesses. Some of the business owners need as little as $300.00 to jump start their business. You can also direct your donation to this area and it will be used towards that.


We also do medical missions trips in which we provide medical care and solicit pharmacutical companies to provide free medications and volunteer doctors to assist provide exams and treatment.


There are some ministries that are struggling in these economic times.  We provide financial assistance to them as well as churches that cannot afford to bring our ministry team in to minister. We do not put  a demand on a church when we go to minister and if  they cannot afford  to bring us in, we cover transportation, air fare, staff  and sometimes housing to go into those areas to minister.

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